About Online Examination

In the evolving environment for most of the recruitment agencies search for sustainable approach to the way ever-increasing number of aspirants can be evaluated has always been challenging.

With some open competitive examinations, number of applicants in lakhs; as a consequence of their hunt, trust in technology to handle the load is the answer. Thus, Online Tests have come in use to handle massive recruitment examination that involves candidates in large number.

With improving connectivity and computer awareness across India, and on top of it – it helps in matching the employee profile with the profile of job in question; Online Examination has become reality and some of the big examinations have gone online.

As the situation demands, now, candidates need a different approach and need to learn examination techniques to face it effectively.

Even, a lot of practice with online testing is must to be conversant with the requirements and focus it necessities.

And for this very purpose, testrange.in has come in existence.